If you’re anything like us, your passions for being ethically and environmentally conscious drive your core beliefs and actions. While you might think that you’ve covered all bases with this influence filtering through your supermarket shop and wardrobe, we’re glad to inform you that stylists across the globe have made a case for the necessity of sustainable beauty.

So when we say ‘sustainable beauty’, what do we actually mean?

Unlike much technical jargon to do with hair styling, the phrase is used rather freely to capture a culture which is growing in professional salons all over the world. Echoing the thoughts of leading beauty brand Davines, these are the core values we are committed to in aiming to practise sustainable beauty:

An ethical approach

 The ancient Greek meaning of ‘ethics’ is ‘house’ or ‘shelter’. We have crafted our salon space to embody this homely, safe environment in which you can come and get to know us and grab some of that longed for head space. How? For starters, we’re embracing green spaces that encourage the reflection and relaxation associated with the great outdoors. Our vastness of plant, often taken from cuttings, and more recently, our sweet potato plant helps to create this relaxing ethereal environment that is safe for honest conversation and genuine contemplation. We also believe in creating a tranquil, transitory space that allows you to process whatever it is that is cluttering your mind. Whether that involves sitting in the quiet and drifting into a daydream, or spreading your work out over our vintage dressing tables, our eclectic take on the perfect nest is sure to help you unravel your thoughts.

Minimal environmental impact

Our vision for beauty involves methods and materials which have minimal impact on the environment. We work towards this aim by using cleansing and styling products that are made from a significant proportion of naturally occurring, biodegradable ingredients.

What else? Well, their packaging is processed using the minimum requirement of plastic needed for the protection of the formulas they contain. Plus, this food-grade plastic makes these packs reusable as homes for your house plants! Through investing in Davine’s ‘More Inside’ range, we actively contribute to the preservation of our planet’s natural resources, too. This range is part of the ‘Zero Impact’ Lifegate project, which is committed to neutralising the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the production of each packaging component of the line through reforestation and forestry protection worldwide, in particular the regeneration of land and forest in Ethiopia (The Ethio Trees Project).

Person-centred creativity

An intuitive approach is at the core of how we work. Our client-centred focus seeks a balance between enhancing individuality and achieving technical precision. This typically involves factoring in lifestyle and celebrating your hair’s unique characteristics, whilst paying attention to skin tone, face shape and hair condition. We also value well-being and are committed to using techniques and hair care products that nourish and protect your hair whilst allowing us to create a unique finish. With each product formulated for a particular function, our hair care ranges are known for their effectiveness on all hair types.

These are just a few ways we are committed to being both ethically and environmentally conscious. If you’re as convinced as we are about the value of sustainable beauty, it’s your support that will help us pioneer an innovative and creative approach to crafting your perfect styling experience – whilst respecting the planet’s resources.

Businesses with good green credentials, pave the way for a more sustainable and conscious way of living. All the consumer has to do is make the mental shift. Think ethical. Shop local. There you go, you’re half way there!