The vast majority of us face that internal battle whenever we dedicate our diaries and wallets to our next hair appointment.

Is this a luxury I can afford, or even deserve?

Shouldn’t I be spending this evening tending to that looming deadline?

We certainly would not consider a regular cut and colour an essential part of our healthcare routine, despite living in a culture that encourages us to look after number one.

But you see, there are so many benefits to your well-being that follow from regularly tending to your hair. For starters, your salon does not have to provide a momentary stop gap from the daily stresses of life; it can be that calm, relaxing work space for you to bring that report which needs scanning through, or reply to those urgent emails. There’s no need for you to block out reality for you to only dread returning back to it after your chop; your salon can be that fresh space where you can tackle your to-do list without the distractions of work and home. Where your experience is guilt –free, your stress levels can be settled and your confidence boosted after a chaotic, unsettling start to the day.

Booking time in to care for your hair can also provide the perfect boost to emotional well-being. It’s true that a salon is no counselling centre, but your hairdresser can be that listening ear and is completely removed from any situation weighing you down. Though it doesn’t require you to bear the inner depths of your soul, engaging in genuine conversation is a natural part of their job and can be just what the doctor ordered to equip you for facing that difficult conversation at home or work.

If these benefits aren’t enough, tending to your hair can have a hugely positive impact on your psychological well-being. While a cut and colour can’t provide a quick-fix for poor mental health, research indicates that individuals facing these difficulties all share a common symptom: low self-esteem. Treating your roots may not get to the root of your problem, but restoring your locks can most certainly give you that boost of confidence you needed to face the rest of a difficult day. The key to self-care requires a kind, positive attitude towards yourself – and what better way to encourage that than by putting the bounce back into your curls or tapering that bob back into shape?

So whenever you’re weighing up whether or not to make that booking, just remember that you’re not funding a luxury you don’t deserve. You’re putting into place a strategy for dealing with the practical, emotional and mental stresses and strains which company the chaos of life. What could be more important to the people and responsibilities you’re committed to?