Founded by Heather and Chloe in 2016 Masters of Craft was born from a love of hairdressing, people and the planet.

We have worked in the industry for over 40 years combined. Hairdressing is more than just our profession; it’s our passion.

Salons we previously worked in were fun, but they never fully aligned with our values. We felt we could offer people much more, so ten years ago, we started talking through creating our own.

We wanted to do something unique that created an energising and bespoke experience for clients, a place to work for our staff, where they felt valued and inspired. And importantly, to create a business led by our ethical and environmental conscience. A salon with a sustainable heart 💚

Sustainability may be trendy now, but for us, it was the only way. It guides us in our decision making as one of our major core values. Heather, with a strong connection to nature, energised being in the wild, and Chloe’s imaginative repurposing of things that would otherwise go to waste, together made the perfect match. 

We’re proud to be Leeds first Sustainably Focused Hair Salon, but we also see ourselves as part of something much bigger. A movement that will create real change for our planet. We will aspire to influence within our industry for the better, because that’s our duty. And we will support and raise the profile of more local businesses with the same values, we and our customers share. This isn’t about kudos, we need to have a bigger voice so we can help create real change. We want more consumer capital to be spent on ethical, planet friendly, sustainable products and services.

At Masters of Craft, we’ve created an experience that allows you to connect with the present, while always striving forward. Rather than conforming to the mainstream, we have allowed intuition to pave our path for a new, more fulfilling hair experience.

We’re so proud of what we’ve created, and can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

Where there’s passion, there will always be movement

Your MoC Team X