Summer hair: the gloss you never thought you’d get

It’s finally reached that time of year when you can swap your wool coat for a lightweight jacket, splurge on some new sunnies and switch your boots for that favorite pair of sandals.

A welcome change of weather can often too bring with it the desire for a new do. This might provoke memories of furiously rubbing lemon juice through the lengths of your hair in a desperate attempt for lighter summer locks and endless hours spent with your head soaked in sea salt water with the hope of achieving that beach babe wave. Fear not – it is possible for the more mature you to achieve a sophisticated summer style that is both affordable and sustainable. You only need to watch the hottest and latest catwalk shows to discover the most recent trends that have worked their way onto our streets.

What may come as a welcome surprise is the return of super glossy, shiny hair. Now there is always a place for dryer textures during the warmer months and there have been some fantastic products launched that enable us to work with hair in many ways that were previously not possible. Hair dusts, various dry shampoos and sea salt sprays are few of the many innovative inventions which spring to mind. But while hair trends have seen tussled and matt finishes season after season, the shiny, slick locks is a refreshing change.

So how do we get it?

The first thing to note is that lasting shine is created by smoothing the cuticle of the hair. If your hair type is straight and fine this look is easily achievable; whether it’s a sleek ponytail with a parting, or just worn loose, all you require is a decent comb and lightweight products with high gloss and shine.

TIP for straight hair types

Don’t overload straight hair with product. Straight hair is often a finer texture and can only hold so much before it becomes weighed down and looks lank and limp.

Davine’s ‘Oi Non Oil’ is great for drying into the hair and their ‘Shimmering Mist’ to finish.
If you have flyaways, then using just a mist of lightweight hairspray will smooth them, but be aware that hairspray can dull the look.

If you have coarse hair or curls, it’ll take the right products with plenty of moisture, some heat styling and a bit of extra elbow grease to get you there. The great news for you is that with the right products, your hair can last for days without looking overloaded and will probably be better the second and even the third day. You’ll need to have hair in great condition to get this look so invest in a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask from a professional range. Products with natural oils give great shine and will moisturize your hair for as long as they are left in it.

TIP for coarse hair and curls

Use a relaxing product to blow dry into the hair. It will help to smooth out the cuticle and make it easier for you to manipulate stubborn hair. Blow dry in a controlled way, brushing hair from side to side to iron out kinks and flatten volume at the root. Use a medium heat and a medium speed to stop the hair from swelling. Once dry, iron in small sections.

If you’re really struggling with volume, try slicking it back. Create a strong parting for impact and then tightly pull the rest into a ponytail in the centre of the back of the head and braid the hair. You can get a second day look with less volume by letting it down and applying a shine oil to the kinked waves. ‘NOU/NOU Hair Mask’, ‘Relaxing Moisturising Fluid’ and ‘Oi Non Oil’, all by Davines, are great additions to this process for achieving slick, glossy, hair.

So, with the right products and methods, creating this season’s look is possible for all hair types. What better reason than a change in season to revamp your hair look and invest in the items required to achieve it so that you can get the most from the hottest new trend!