Did you know that people trust their hairdressers more than they do politicians? I mean it’s a pretty different kind of conversation at the salon to what you hear in HP, but hairdressers talk to more people than any other profession, so more and more we are being recognised as key communicators as well as masters of our craft! 

Last year MOC was part of a really important pilot study called Mirror Talkers that explored ways to reduce consumer carbon and water footprints related to haircare routines. Stylists of salons that got involved engaged with clients in conversations around sustainable haircare using mirror stickers that prompted the conversation.

Theres too much to say here about this study so thats for another time, but what has come out from this for us as hairdressers is that we are valuable members of communities and can positively impact peoples lives.

We’re a mesh of goodness threaded through society….We’re everywhere you go.

At MOC, we certainly feel empowered to become better ambassadors and advocates for the things that matter in the world and to continue to empower others and bring joy to their lives. 

We cant wait to be part of the next phase of Mirror Talkers to help further educate ourselves and others in our community on sustainability within the hair and beauty sector. 

P.s. If any green minded politicians are reading this, come see us for a haircut and we can not only convince you that we are your most valuable allies but bring you some serious street cred!