Scalp issues can happen at any time of the year, but winter is a common season for a dry and irritated scalp.


👉 Well in cold temperatures the air holds less moisture, so overall the external environment is dryer. 

👉 We crank up the central heating and take hotter showers 🚿 so there’s a good chance the moisture levels of your scalp will get out of balance, which can leads to itchiness and irritation.

At MOC, we assess hair and scalp, and because we have our prescriptive Naturaltech range by Davines we can recommend a personalised plan to help rebalance your hair and scalp.

The product combo featured is our recommendation for soothing winter related scalp issues. We’ve teamed Naturaltech Calming Shampoo to sooth the itch, with Wake Up Circle conditioning mask for ultimate hair and scalp hydration.

  • Naturaltech ‘Calming Shampoo’ 🫧 Soothes and calms sensitive heads with a strong anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory action: 100ml travel size £12
  • Circle Chronicles ‘Wake up Circle’💧Invigorating recovery treatment mask that restores tone and hydration to the scalp: 50mls £9.90
  • Total £21.90

If you are experiencing hair and scalp issues and want a more natural approach to hair and scalp health, we may be able to help. Just ask the advice of your stylist at your next appointment or give us a call. We’ll always advise you if we think you need to seek another professional for scalp issues.