Masters of Craft has been around since 2016, but in 2019, we decided it was time for a change.

We moved a few doors down and created a beautiful new space which stayed true to our sustainability and environmentally conscious values.

A sanctuary in the city

We designed every feature of the salon to create a natural, welcoming and harmonious environment.

Our reception area feels like a cosy and inviting living room, with a deep colour palette and popping pastels, a comfy sofa and plenty of curiosities to keep you busy while you wait.

The main salon area is light and spacious, with big windows that let in the most amazing natural light. High ceilings and plenty of room give you the space to relax and plenty of privacy to enjoy your experience.

And this is key – we will never pack in as many clients in as possible. Instead, we’ve created plenty of space in between each seat section. But it’s more than just a seat – every section is unique, giving you your own personal sanctuary while you’re with us.

Upcycled furniture and hand-crafted decorations

All our furniture is upcyled by us or hand-crafted from recycled materials. Even our Christmas and spring decorations are lovingly created by Heather’s mum, using old books, magazines and wallpaper.

Recycled paint

We decorated our salon using paint from Seagulls – a local Leeds business which sells non-profit, re-salvaged paint.


To keep us connected to nature and keep the air clean, we have as many plants as possible in the salon. Our plants are never plastic and are sourced from local independents.

Minimum Plastic

We offer paper bags with product purchases and encourage purchasing refills at a reduced cost.

We use biodegradable colour capes and bin bags, and serve you water in glass bottles. And wherever possible, we will up-cycle or make, rather than purchase plastic options


We use natural light which creates a calm, relaxed and airy ambience. For the minimal electric lighting that we do have, we use lower output LED bulbs and, where possible, control lighting by motion sensors on a timer.

All our new equipment is energy efficient, using the least amount of power possible for the highest output.

Local craftsmanship

We collaborated with local tradesmen and small businesses to build our salon, making sure that we chose the right team to work as sustainably consciously as possible. They helped us to create our bespoke look using raw and upcycled materials, and sourcing locally helped us to lower our carbon footprint.