We’ve been hearing clients ask about winter hair care, so we asked Salon Director Heather to give us the lowdown on winter hair!

Why is my hair so much drier in the winter?

Cold air holds less moisture than warm air, so even though we think of the winter months being more damp, there is actually less vapour in the air. This dries your hair out as the hydration is drawn out of your hair, making it weak and brittle. We also heat our houses more in winter which can compound the issue.

What can I do to combat this?

A simple change could be to shampoo your hair less regularly (great for the environment too). Using nourishing moisture masks are a must for taming dry or frizzy hair. Try using one every month. Also using a leave in hydrating product when blow drying will help balance moisture levels and make tame of the most unruly locks.

Our favourites are;

  • Davines Oi All in One Milk
  • Davines ‘The Let it Go Circle’ Hair Mask (let us know if you want us to use a special mask on your hair next time you come in, or buy one for a home pampering session!)

You can buy these and all the Davines products we use in salon! Just speak to your stylist or drop in and our team will help you! Why not check out our special festive boxes for selections of products aimed at different hair requirements for a proper pampering!

What results will I benefit from if my hair is in top nick?

Your hair will feel softer, have more shine, be easier to style, hold your colour better, have more elasticity and be much stronger. These things combined give a much more youthful appearance so there are no ‘cons’ to offering your hair some winter specific nutrition!