When it comes to health and well-being, we often find ourselves hit by social media which promotes perfection. We anxiously try create the perfect exercise routine that can both raise our heart rate and stretch out our muscles – whilst also somehow restoring a sense of inner peace. It seems an impossibility at times. Busy lifestyles mean our bodies hold a lot of tension, so tightness and toxins build. it is vital that we seek the right aftercare to restore balance and protect our hard-working bodies.

So what measures can we take to ensure the optimum balance of mind, body and soul?

There are countless stretching routines and breathing techniques out there which are known to have a positive impact on muscle restoration and releasing stagnation between stiffened joints post-exercise. Echoing the approach of Journey Holistics who we work alongside in-house, we value the importance of tailoring aftercare treatment that goes one step further to restore harmony between the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the individual.

Combined therapies – Deborah (holistic therapist) offers an intuitive approach by offering body mapping, pressure point massage, Indian head massage, therapeutic sport massage, ancient cupping therapy and reflexology therapies to each of her clients. This combining concept allows the individual to respond to the particular needs of their own mind and body in line with their fitness routine and nutrition regime.

The treatment for regular aerobic activity: therapeutic sports massage

– If your exercise plan is cardio heavy, Journey Holistic’s therapeutic sports massage is ideal for treating and preventing injuries incurred by a build-up of muscle tension and strain to the connective tissues in the ligaments.

So what does the treatment involve?

It is vital for your therapist to help you map out your body composition. This involves clarifying your perception and experience of your body’s shape and size, as well as understanding the movement of your joints. Where your body map is not quite right, there is incongruence between how you perceive your body and how it is actually functioning. This is what leads to jarred movements, tension build-up and the risk of injury for your muscles, joints and ligaments.

From this, Deborah can create a prescriptive plan based on your individuals needs and lifestyles. She aims to restore energy throughout the body to help you achieve a state of physical balance and inner tranquillity.

So whether you’re looking to resolve that long term sporting injury, release tension build-up from endless hours on the treadmill, or rediscover the suppleness of your joints and flow of energy, a therapeutic sports massage comes highly recommended as the perfect aftercare treatment to reward your hard working body.