Booking and Appointments 

When will the salon reopen?

The date given to hair salons to reopen is 12th April and we plan to open our doors from this date.

How do I ensure I get an appointment following the Lockdown?

Please add your name to the waiting list on our home page and someone will contact you on or after the 6th April. If you had your appointment cancelled due to lockdown, we already have your details and will contact you first.

Why do I have to add myself to the waiting list rather than booking online?

We need to ensure maximum safety and efficiency during busy times such as reopening. A waiting list is the best way for us to make sure that clients are booked for the right service, we have communicated all the information required and that there will not be too many people in the salon at any one time.

What do I need to do after adding myself to the waiting list?

We will contact you personally on or after the 6th April. We will establish what services you require and if a consultation and/or skin test is required. If it’s straight forward, we will book your appointment during the call or get someone to call back if it’s more complicated.

What if my appointment was cancelled due to Lockdown? 

All clients who had their appointment cancelled due to lockdown will be contacted prior to us contacting clients who added their name to the waiting list on our website.

What can I expect to be different in the salon after lockdown? 

We are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and our staff. The main precautions are:


  • Toilet – Regular cleaning and sanitising spray readily available
  • Sections and tools cleaned between each appointment 
  • Hand washing on arrival and regular hand washing for staff
  • Sanitising station on arrival and sanitiser on each section
  • Towels washed and dried at high temperature after each use
  • Daily deep clean


  • Disposable gowns – biodegradable
  • Visors and masks for staff
  • Masks available for clients if you don’t have your own. The government has now mandated that all clients must wear face coverings whilst in salons
  • Hand sanitiser on each section

Safety measures

  • 2m between each section – we chose not to reduce this 
  • Staff shifts in ‘2 teams’ that don’t crossover, significantly reducing amount of people in the salon at any one time
  • Regular clean of all contact/touch points 
  • Deep clean of each station between clients
  • Disposable cups – biodegradable 
  • No shared waiting area
  • Stagggered appointment times
  • Details of every client held for 21 days

When would I need a patch-test?

If you have coloured your own hair between your last ‘in salon’ colour service

If you are having a change of colour

If you have never coloured your hair before

If it has been 6 months since your last colour in the salon

If you are a new client

If you have developed an allergy, changed medication, developed a skin condition or had any kind of permanent make up/tattooing service since your last appointment.

If you have had Covid or the Covid Vaccine

Will online booking still be available?

We don’t have Online Booking available at the moment but we plan to reopen it as soon as possible.

Can I call to book?

If you call to book, we will add you to the waiting list and call you back. Once everyone on our waiting list has been booked in, we will be able to book as normal again.

Can I book an appointment via email?

Unfortunately we can’t offer that service. This process is inefficient and does not comply with GDPR.

Are you offering any kind of priority booking scheme or gift vouchers to secure an appointment on return? 

We chose not to offer this for various reasons but we want to say thank so much to those of you who offered support in this way. 

Can I bring items of food with me?

Unfortunately the government guidelines state that it isn’t possible to bring food or drink into salons. However, you are welcome to eat outside assuming you take away all your own packaging

Will you be providing drinks?

Yes we can offer all drinks as normal although they will be served in disposable cups. Although all of our cups are compostable, we hope this can change soon to save additional waste. If you could help us by bringing your own refillable water vessel, we would be grateful of the saving on plastic.

Can I still bring my work with me to MOC?

Yes. Your section will be your own for your entire appointment and we will sanise everything before and after your visit. We want to be as adaptable as possible to changes in lifestyle so you’re welcome to bring what you need to work with but we ask that you keep items to a minimum for us to stay in line with government guidelines. Power and Wifi is readily available.

Is there a place for me to put my belongings?

Yes. We are fitting hooks next to each section for your items such as coats and small bags. We won’t be able to accommodate large heavy bags at your station so please bring the minimum that you feel you need. 

Can I bring anyone with me?

Unfortunately we can’t allow you to bring anyone with you until further restrictions ease. 

If there is a genuine problem where you have to bring someone with you, please let us know during the consultation and we will see if we can accommodate you earlier in the day when it is more quiet.

If it is the day of your appointment, please call through to the salon.

If I arrive early, can I wait in the waiting area?

We ask all clients that they arrive on time as we do not have a waiting area at this time.

Please wait in your car, in the carpark or under the door canopy until your appointment time. If there is a problem then by all means ring the bell and we can arrange a waiting space inside.

There is a cafe up the road where you can get great coffee. It is called ‘Opposite’ and is situated just past Tesco. Look for seated area outside. 

What if my stylist is running late? 

We will take care to run on time and we have extra time booked either side of appointments to clean and sanitise, but if there are any expected delays we will call you as soon as we are aware of them.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

Yes, the government declared that all clients will be required to wear face coverings as of 8th August. All stylists will continue to wear visors, as they have been since our reopening. We have masks available if you don’t have your own face covering. Due to environmental reasons, we encourage that you bring your own and ask that it be attached round the ears for ease of cutting or colouring your hair. We may ask you to remove the straps of your mask if required. Please be aware that there is a possibility that the mask will get stained during colour services. Unfortunately the salon cannot take responsibility if this happens but all of our stylists are as careful as possible with application.