Masters of Craft | Leeds | Your eco friendly & sustainable hair salon

Masters of craft inspire and always look forward. Rather than conforming to the mainstream we have allowed intuition to pave our path for a new, more fulfilling hair experience.

Davines is a unique hairstyling experience & offers sustainable beauty. Founded in Italy in 1983 – their style, curiosity and openness to the world- different cultures, customs & people truly inspire us as hairdressers and has influenced our salon ethics. 

Davines have set out to create concepts and products that are destined to become classics essentials in your hair care routine. Quality means having the freedom to create the best products with attention and respect to the environment

Davines uses high grade, natural ingredients (up to 98%), and apply a scientific rigour to every product to guarantee safety to it’s customers. Davines have developed concepts and products that are original, authentic and emotionally connect with people. 

More that two decades later, the Davines community spans over 75 countries, thousands of salons and hundreds upon hundreds of passionate hairdressers. They are one of the largest independent businesses in the world.

Sustainable beauty 

The beauty that we believe in is based on appreciation for individuality and celebration of diversity. We consider ourselves as a tool for our customers to express their own uniqueness. 

By creating ‘Beauty’ we want to encourage people to take care of themselves and the environment in which they live, work and the things they love. 

Davines believe in “sustainability” in regard to their commitment to minimising the impact on the environment, not compromising the quality or quantity of natural resources today or tomorrow; and “sustainability” in regard to the effectiveness of their products and the safety of their customers, thanks to the privileged use of natural ingredients, enhanced with cut.